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It was a crazy week between recovering from BlogHer and getting ready for our Colorado Road Trip and squeezing in everything that needed to happen in between.

But we finally made it out the door. I thought I might be able to blog from the road, but time and wifi access turned out to be too scarce.


I did manage to journal about each day on my paper bag scrapbook, which I’m excited to tell you more about. In fact, I have lots to tell you about, so I’ll be mixing it up and sprinkling posts from our Colorado Road Trip (which I’ll tag Colorado Road Trip 2013) in with other ones that have been rolling around in my head.

For now, here’s the overview of our trip: We drove from Phoenix to Santa Fe the first day. The next morning, we did a little sightseeing before heading north to the Denver area. We stayed with my aunt and uncle in the Rockies for a few days, taking in mountain views, and catching up with family. On the other side of Denver, we spent a couple days visiting friends in Aurora and saw downtown Denver and the Botanic Gardens. Our route home took us through the mountains, detouring through Crested Butte, where Phillip had spent a summer in college, and stopping over near Ouray.

Colorado road trip map

I wish I could have spent more time with everyone we saw. But I’m glad we went, even for a short time. And it was good to come home. (Wish I could’ve brought the people and weather back with me though.)

This time, I had my suitcase unpacked within 24 hours. Are you impressed? If not, you should probably go read my Unpacking post. That’s a new record for me!

santa fe mug

And when I stood in my kitchen pouring hot water for morning tea into our new souvenir mug, I felt like everything had come around.