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A few of the things we witnessed at the Star Wars Celebration convention that I doubt happen anywhere else:

    • A panel on Star Wars vegetable carving — that was full to capacity.
    • The feeling you’re being followed, and then realizing that behind you is a full-size working R2D2 made out of LEGO.
    • An emcee, who, immediately after showing a movie trailer, asks “Do you want to see it again?” and an audience that shouts “YEAH!” and stays to watch a second time.


  • A guy who cosplays as George Lucas.
  • A room full of non-Navajo speakers going to a screening of a movie in Navajo.
  • Carrie Fisher casually wandering out to a food court patio to give her dog some water.
  • A 3D movie experience that keeps getting disrupted by people walking in late and using light sabers as flashlights.


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